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Choosing a guitar teacher is really easy right? Simply find the best guitar player and then get lessons with them!

Leeds Guitar LessonsWhile Jimi is arguably the greatest guitar player to have lived and a true pioneer of electric guitar playing, would he have been a good teacher?

This situation is completely hypothetical. Jimi might have been a good teacher, we don't know. The main point here is don't choose a guitar teacher on his or her ability alone. In current times, guitar lessons aren't cheap. Make sure you are getting value for money buy choosing a teacher who teaches you rather than tries to dazzle you with sweep picked arpeggios and two handed tapping!

Things to look for when choosing a guitar teacher

1. Check to see if they are a member of a professional teaching organisation.

2. Do they have a dedicated teaching room or are you just sitting in their living room while the rest of the family watch corrie!

3. Do they have plenty of equipment - amps, leads, spare picks, suitable chairs, computer...

4. Musicians have special dispensation to dress and generally look cool, but does the teacher maintain some level of professionalism?

5. Can they give you information on previous students they have taught and do they have any long-term students?

6. Do they have any type of syllabus and can they show you how it might apply to you?

7. Is the teacher's location suitable for you? If you have to get 2 busses and then walk through the rough part of town with your expensive guitar are you ok with that?

8. Similarly to no. 7 does the teacher have suitable parking away from a main road?


Now ideally, your new teacher should tick most of, if not all the above. Some of them can't be helped, especially if you are visiting a new teacher (we all have to start somwhere) then obtaining information about past students might be difficult. In time this teacher could be exceptional, but why should you be their experiment?

Finally - some guitarists just can't teach. Yes they can play to an unbelievable level but communicating how and what they are doing just doesn't come naturally to them. Avoid these like the plague! A good teacher should be able to explain things in great detail until you have a good grasp of the subject.

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