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One of the first steps any guitarist must take is learning to play Chords.

So what are Chords and why do we need to learn them?

In music, a Chord is a collection of 3 or more notes played at the same time. The 2 main types of Chord we will be looking at are Major and Minor chords. Major/Minor is basically a description of the chords quality. Major tend to sound quite settled or bright; some people might say happy sounding. Minor chords tend to sound dark or grey; some would describe them as sad sounding.

So that kind of covers what Chords are - why must you learn them?

Putting together a few different chords forms most songs. This collection of chords is commonly called a Chord Progression. Basically, if you want to play a song - which is kind of a fundamental reason for learning guitar - you need to learn Chords.

Step 1 - Download this collection of First Chords

Step 2 - Position your fingers, as shown in the chord diagrams found on the 'First chords PDF.'

Step 3 - Strum the chord fully and listen for the chord ringing out cleanly.

Step 4 - Now play down each individual string to detect if you are catching any strings or not applying enough pressure.

Step 5 - If you are catching strings or getting muffled notes, adjust your fingers slightly to allow the strings to ring out clearly.

Step 6 - Most Importantly, have fun. Remember that you will soon be playing all these chords perfectly. It's just a matter of practising them!

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