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Rather than start by reeling off a long list of things you can expect to learn from Leeds Guitar Lessons, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born in 1981 importantly, to a family who loved music. My Dad always had a guitar lying around the house and it wasn't long until I had my first guitar!

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It was around 1987 when I first started to play guitar properly. Learning a few chords and licks shown to me by my Dad.

I plodded on for a few years before finally getting my first Electric and subsequently taking professional guitar lessons. This is when things really took off for me. I learned the pentatonic scales, learned to play lead, then developed the full major scale and modes and lots lots more. I never looked back from then on. From the minute I left my weekly guitar lessons, all I wanted to do was practice, get better and then go back the week after to learn something else. The lessons gave me the confidence and the encouragement to keep going and to learn as much as I could. I put the hours in - roughly 4 a day - and I actually started to think around this time that I might even be able to play guitar for a job.

When I arrived at Music College in 1997, I had only taken 2 music exams. I'd done grade 2 flute (don't ask) and also got my Grade 5 Music Theory. I knew I was decent on guitar but I had always heard other people talk about grades and what grade they were. Under a new guitar teacher at college (in a twist of fate, the same teacher who taught my previous guitar teacher) I was put in for Grade 7 Plectrum Guitar with the then Guildhall School of Music. I passed the exam easily and the certificate still hangs on my teaching room wall to this day to remind me of how far I had come in just a few years. That was back in 1998. I kept up my enthusiasm for guitar even while attending University doing a computer science degree in 2003. It was around this time I started giving lessons to other students at Uni. It beat working at McDonalds!

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Over the next couple of years I developed my teaching style. It really helped that my Mum taught High School French/German/Spanish and was able to help me work on my weaknesses. Before long I was confident enough to start teaching professionally and have done so since 2005 right through to today. Over the last 8 - 9 years I have taught students from 5 years of age right through to people in their 80's! I have worked with students who just want to learn to play a few songs round the BBQ to students who have attended College and University pursuing a career in music.

I think this gives an idea of the wealth of guitar playing and teaching knowledge my students can draw on. I don't know it all - that is impossible with the variety of genres - but I have enough knowledge to develop you into a very good guitar player and musician. If you attend lessons and put the effort in to your practise, you will be given everything you need to succeed. While maintaining a high standard of professionalism, my guitar lessons are fun, friendly and engaging.

To summarise; I love nothing more than watching a budding guitarist develop. I absolutely love giving someone their first ever guitar lesson, then seeing that same person 6 months - 1 year down the line playing their guitar confidently and competently!

To create your own Guitar playing story - get in touch today and start the first steps of your guitar-playing journey!

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