Leeds Guitar Lessons

Leeds Guitar Lessons take place in my office/teaching room at my home in Garforth.

My GUITAR LESSONS are tailored to the individual. I have a lesson plan which I adapt to suit each student. Everybody is different and learns at a different pace, plus not everybody wants to learn how to shred like Dime bag or play finger-style like Don Ross, so I cater to the individual.

I firmly believe that anyone can play guitar. With the correct guidance and a commitment to practice I guarantee to have you playing the guitar. If you are keen and want to learn, you will get my full commitment and expert tuition. I can teach you to do pretty much anything you want on a guitar but you will only fully learn how to do it by practising.

Some of the topics we will cover include: Chords, Scales, Technique, Ear Training, Lead & Rhythm playing, Improvisation, Song writing, Music Theory, Exam preparation and much more.


I offer 3 durations of guitar lessons.
60, 45 and 30 minute lessons allow students to pick the duration of guitar lesson which most suits their needs.

As a rule of thumb – 30 MINUTE LESSONS are suitable for younger children or students who have the ability to pick things up very quickly.

45 MINUTE LESSONS are a good in-between option where 30 minutes is too short but a full hour is too long. What you will find is that most guitar tutors only offer 60 or 30-minute guitar lessons. They are either selling you short or skipping over things too fast!

60 MINUTE LESSONS are perfect if you require things to be explained in depth or you prefer to learn at a more relaxed pace. They are the most popular lesson we do.

If you would like more information or simply want to chat about guitar lessons in GARFORTH and if they might be right for you then GET IN TOUCH TODAY. It’s never too late to learn!

Lesson Prices

[themex_feature_box display=”iconstyle” alignment=”center” type=”linecons” icon_linecons=”simple-icon icon-music-tone-alt” title=”30 Minute Lesson”]Ideal for absolute beginners or those who pick things up quickly.


[themex_feature_box display=”iconstyle” alignment=”center” type=”linecons” icon_linecons=”simple-icon icon-music-tone-alt” title=”45 Minute Lesson”]A good all round length of lesson suitable for beginners and advanced students alike.


[themex_feature_box display=”iconstyle” alignment=”center” type=”linecons” icon_linecons=”simple-icon icon-music-tone-alt” title=”60 Minute Lesson”]For the intermediate to advanced student. 60 minute lessons give the opportunity to cover more complicated subjects in depth